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Tuesday Tips ~ Average Cost Of A Wedding ~ Part 1

October 14th, 2014

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I found a very interesting site: http://www.weddingstats.org/average-cost-of-a-wedding.html that talks about the average cost of a wedding. Let me break it down for you:

Average Cost of a 2013 Wedding: $28,110 (not including the honeymoon)
–50% spent more, 50% spent less
–Half of all couples will go over budget
–About 2.6 million weddings happen every year
–Couples in Manhattan (New York City) has the highest average budget: $70,730
–Couples in Utah have the lowest average budget: $13,214

Average Venue Cost: $1,993
–It is not uncommon for places to be $5-10,000, while others are a few hundred. Therefore, this is a rough estimate.
–Some venues require you to use their “preferred vendors” due to contracts with them.
–Do not assume parking is an included cost.
–Make sure you know exactly what is included in your venue cost (requesting an itemized list of fees is definitely helpful)

Average Photographer Cost: $2,324
–Ultimate Photography’s basic packages range from $1,800-$4,000
–Photography usually makes up 8-10% of a typical budget
–Personally, my future wedding’s photography budget will likely be a much higher percentage (for obvious reasons)

Average Wedding Dress Cost: $1,189
–Consider a style that fits and flatters your unique physique.
–Your hair should always complement your dress. Select your gown first and THEN decide your hairstyle

Average DJ Cost: $782
–Providing DJ entertainment for a wedding reception is more than just playing music for a crowd. DJ’s can also serve as MC that have a significant impact or influence over the atmosphere, flow, and overall appeal of a wedding reception.
–Most DJs offer per-hour rate, usually including standard sound equipment, microphone, and extensive music library. Lighting equipment usually costs extra.
–You can usually get 16-17 songs per hour.

Average Wedding Band Cost: $3,109
–You should definitely try to see a band live or listen to a demo before booking!
–This is usually booked 6-8 months in advance

Tuesday Tips ~ 5 Tips for Wedding Planning

October 7th, 2014


I hope you enjoy this new feature… Tuesday Tips!

5 Tips for Wedding Planning

1. Prepare for exhaustion
Bring flats for flip flops for walking between various photo locations and for dancing the night away. Yes, this day is all about YOU and YOUR love, but it takes a lot of energy to be in the spotlight for a full day. Cans of Red Bull or Monster may be helpful to keep you perky, and an encouraging wedding party is key to keep you going when you feel like you can’t smile anymore. If you’re a half or full marathon runner, you know that you train for 3/4 of the race, but sheer will takes you the full distance. The same goes for your wedding. Just keep going! Your future, married self will thank you!

Brides: a small container of baby powder will be super helpful… especially in the summer!

2. Make your first kiss count
Don’t think “short and sweet.” Keep it going, baby! The longer the kiss, the more beautiful photos there will be of that moment.

3. Confirm your vendors the day before
Call or e-mail ALL involved to confirm times, locations, and amounts owed. Nobody wants a limo service to realize they are double-booked the DAY OF. And your best friend would feel terrible if she thought you wanted to start your hair and make-up at 1pm, but you wanted her there at 11pm. Those lost hours will cut into other scheduled items on your carefully planned timeline.

4. Decide who will be in charge of your stuff after the reception
You’ve been whisked away in your vehicle of choice (perhaps with a few tin cans tied to the back), and the party wraps up. What will become of your gifts, guest book, leftover food, cake, flowers, toasting flutes, etc? Does your go-to person know exactly what they are in charge of, or are they to just scan the room and pick up “anything that may look important?”

When you have chosen your trusty person(s), let them know their specific responsibilities. Will your gifts go to your parents’ house, your house/apartment, or other location? Will your dress be preserved right away, or are you keeping it for a rock-the-dress photo session (have a hanger and garment bag so it doesn’t wrinkle)? Local shelters would probably love extra food, and nursing homes will likely accept flower donations, but call ahead to find out when and where they can be dropped off.

speaking of friends…

5. Collect photos from guests!
Have a friend, laptop in hand, go around to guests and copy (NOT TAKE) the photos from their memory cards. It will be a hassle to try to contact people later, hunt them down, and get copies of their captured memories. Try not to have it be a member of the wedding party, as they will be super busy with other things.

BONUS: Hire professional photo and video teams! Ultimate Photography is a photography AND videography business, and we take your big day very seriously. Your wedding will (hopefully) be a once-in-a-lifetime kind of thing! It’s not a birthday or anniversary that happens every year. Trust the pros. We’ve done it a time or two ;)

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